Project Description

Hessey regularly aids Community Impact Real Estate (CIRES) in their ongoing operations. We act primarily in three roles:

  • As a partner in developing and delivering innovative programs;
  • As a landlord’s representative for CIRES’ tenants, providing expertise during move-in and tenant improvement processes; and
  • As a project manager related to construction projects.

About Community Impact Real Estate Society

CIRES is a not-for-profit commercial lease and property management social enterprise located in Vancouver, BC. CIRES operates a balanced commercial property portfolio with the purpose of ensuring affordable goods and services are accessible to low-income community members. CIRES often manages the ground floor commercial retail units of mixed-use buildings that include social housing above.

Goal: Facilitate CIRES’ mission and operations by partnering on innovative projects, acting as landlord’s representative for incoming tenants and providing project management services for construction.

Hessey and CIRES are aligned and often key partners in the development and delivery of innovative programs that serve to create local equity. These programs are typically directed at community-serving organizations and support their ability to achieve secure commercial space tenure. An example is Activate DTES – a City of Vancouver-backed program that funds tenant improvements for community-serving organizations opening a storefront in target areas of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Hessey liaises between CIRES and tenants to facilitate the success of a tenant’s buildout or tenant improvement project. Hessey oversees the tenant improvement from the landlord’s perspective from beginning to end and ensures open communication and harmony between all stakeholders across pre-design, design, construction, and post-occupancy. Across this process, Hessey is able to provide quality assurance related to CIRES’ interests and at the same time act as a helpful and knowledgeable resource for tenants. Examples include Potluck Café at 298 E Hastings (Anjok Hotel), Pigeon Park Savings at 346 E Hastings (Hazelwood Hotel), and Rise Women’s Legal Centre at 516 Richards (Hotel Canada) among many others.

Hessey also provides project management services for CIRES for various construction and renovation projects. Hessey manages the project scope, budget, and procurement process and ensures that projects are constructed and completed successfully. Examples include exterior door replacement at 350 Columbia (Hotel Irving) and renovations to the Washington Community Market at 179 E Hastings (Maple Hotel).


Community Impact Real Estate (CIRES)
BC Housing
Atira Property Management Incorporated (APMI)



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Research + Proposal
Project Management