2022 Benefit Report


In 2022, we joined the over 300 Certified B Corporations in Canada, and became the first certified architectural firm in British Columbia.  B Corp Certification is awarded to businesses that meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. B Corps balance profit with social and environmental impact. In BC, this also means legally registering as a Benefit Corporation.  We are excited to share the highlights of our 2022 community impact.

Our 2022 clients were exclusively non-profit organisations that provide meaningful social and cultural impact in Vancouver, including:

At Hessey Consulting + Architecture, our goal is to help create and sustain meaningful change in our community.  We do this by supporting organizations in the planning and implementation of their space-related projects.  This work has a wide variety of applications and includes policy design and implementation, operations support, facility planning, relocation planning and project management services.  We help build capacity and mitigate risk to organizations related to commercial real estate, so that they can deliver the important programs and services that benefit our entire community.  

In 2022, we supported organizations that directly serve over half a million local community members and also those that directly serve hundreds of other social-serving organizations.  We were proud to learn that:  

  • 100% of our clients said that as a result of our work, they benefited from increased understanding, confidence and capacity in dealing with commercial real estate and renovations. 
  • 100% of our clients said that the completed project met or exceeded the original needs and ambition their organization had set for it. 
  • 100% of our clients said that the completed project would allow their organization to mitigate risk and protect their ability to create and scale positive social and environmental impact in our community. 

Client quotes related to our work in 2022:

“Matt always kept us on track. Very accountable. His knowledge of how the built environment is regulated is indispensable. I valued Hessey’s approach, always looking for solutions, even when it seems impossible. He was always a considerate and deeply respectful person and I felt I could trust him with my most important relationships. When things were very challenging with the project, he was always there to help me get through it with a pep talk or a good reframe of the issue.”
Adrian Sinclair, Director of Engagement, Vancouver Mural Festival 

“Clarity of process
Timeliness of work
Grounded energy and humility
Translation of another sector into understandable language”

Heather Lamoureaux, Artistic Director, Vines Arts Society

The work identified gaps to further support non-profits in securing spaces. The work also paralleled with another City project with similar goals to enable more collaboration between departments in future phases.”
Ada Chan Russell, Social Planner, City of Vancouver

For more information on how we can support your organization, please visit our contact page.