Matt Hessey is currently a registered coach under the McConnell Foundation’s Innoweave program.

Innoweave connects purpose-driven organizations with social innovation coaching to help maximize their social, economic, and environmental performance. As a coach, Matt shares his expertise as a consultant for Social Purpose Real Estate projects, and as a registered architect with over 15 years of experience, to help guide charities and non-profits in cultivating strategic clarity around social innovation approaches and the impact they seek to achieve. He focuses on the pre-design phase of an impact organization’s search for new space and can help build capacity around the many facets of this key opportunity for growth and security.

Coaching involves the application of learning to live projects. Coaches mentor and support partners in developing and implementing a new innovation process, with the end-goal of these organizations gaining enough confidence and competence to apply their learning after the coaching engagement ends.

Matt has recently completed his first coaching engagement fully funded by the McConnell Foundation Innoweave Program with the Our Community Bikes (PEDAL Society) Facility Plan.