We’re excited to launch a new series from Hessey Consulting + Architecture called our SME Toolbox! The toolbox is designed for small & medium enterprises to learn about different tips and resources for navigating Vancouver’s space and real estate landscape. This is the first installment of the series introducing VanMap, what it is, and how it can be used to find key data such as property values, zoning information, the age of your building, and much more.

What is VanMap? 

Are you looking into a leasehold property in the City of Vancouver and want to know zoning information? Want to know more about your building such as its last big renovation? Looking for what kind of City services are near your property?

VanMap is a helpful online application that allows you to find this information and much more. It is a Geographic Information System (GIS) web application that takes various data sources gathered by the City of Vancouver and constructs it in map layers for users to view and mockup.

How do you use VanMap?

VanMap’s most helpful function is that it allows users to look up baseline property information. This includes property lines, zoning type, build year, big improvement year, assessed land value, sewer and water mains, and more.

You can also toggle map layers to include wider information about the area:

  • Business and economy: See what and where Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) operate
  • Culture and Education: School zones, Neighbourhood Houses, and libraries
  • Parks, Recreation & Pets: Community gardens, nearby hospitals, public washrooms, drinking fountains, off-lease dog areas, etc.
  • Property development: Property and lot lines, city-owned properties, city blocks, etc.
  • Safety: Crime data, nearby firehalls, and graffiti locations
  • Food and Housing: Non-market housing
  • Streets and Transportation: Noise controls, major intersections, nearby car share, and other infrastructural details

Legacy VanMap or new VanMap?

Both versions are available on the City of Vancouver website and both can retrieve the same information described above. Legacy VanMap offers the classic layout with various data sets that can be turned on/off the map according to your needs.

We recommend using the new VanMap for improved functionality and usability. The new VanMap accomplishes the same as Legacy but also offers your choice of three map viewers tailored specifically to PropertyInfrastructure, and App Gallery (and can be used on your mobile phone!) VanMap can be a bit tricky to start using if you aren’t very familiar with GIS but you can start by plugging in any address and playing with different data sets.

Finally, tools such as VanMap are often available for other municipalities as well if you are seeking information beyond Vancouver. Find them by looking up “GIS Map” + any city on your search engine. These GIS applications are powerful resources for your organization and helps you make well-informed decisions about any given area or property.

Ready to check it out? Click here to get started: 



This article is Part 1 of our SME Toolbox series. This series is intended for Executive Directors, CEOs & other decision-makers to discover resources for navigating Vancouver’s space and real estate landscape.